23 hour pitch.

My fellow students and I had 23 hours to come up with a concept idea for Wembley Stadium and to make a visual pitch presentation. The client wanted to use the side LED screen to engage the spectators at the football match in some sort of experience.

Small 23 hour pitch - Mobile Application Mockup 1
Small 23 hour pitch - Mobile Application Mockup 2

We came up with the idea to create a mobile application that would include a quiz (game) for the spectators to play during the game. By using the GPS in the spectator’s phones, the spectators at the stadium would be split into two teams (red and green) across the supporters. During the game questions will be shown in the mobile application. Each correct answer would give points to the teams. The LED screens will be keeping track of the scores. If red team is in lead, the red bar will move towards the green teams end of the stadium. The winning team will then have a chance to win a price (tickets to the next game etc).

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